Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Drop Test from 1000FT VS Nokia 3310 - in 4K

  • Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 25 Αύγ 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Drop Test from 1000FT VS Nokia 3310 - in 4K
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Drop test vs Nokia 3310 from 1000 feet. Which phone will survive?
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    The winner will be announced on September 22nd.
    This drop test on the samsung galaxy is done by and under the supervision of professionals. No local aviation rules have been violated. Don’t try it at home. This is for entertainment purposes only.
    The winner will be selected randomly. We will announce the winner via Instagram on September 10.
    I hope you enjoy this quick Samsung galaxy Note10 review! See ya next time!
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    Make a drope test of realme 5 pro

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    Nokia: why?
    Note 10: cause I have PUBG
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    Nokia: Aaaaahh!!!!
    *1 hours later*
    Nokia: ****3:13****
    Note 10: It's happy to see you.. 😁

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 VS Nokia 3310 WIN