Haschak Sisters - Call It A Day

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  • "Call It A Day" COMING SOON to iTunes & Spotify!
    Hi guys! Hope you enjoy our new single, "Call It A Day!" We had so much fun creating this project with our dad! Shout out to him for being a good sport in this video! hahaha
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    Our names are Madison (18), Gracie (17), Sierra (15) and Olivia (13) and together we are the Haschak Sisters! We have been dancing all of our lives and LOVE music! We started this GRclip channel to share our music and hope you’ll join us on our journey! We love meeting new friends!
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    Gracie: Dad, why am I here?
    Sierra: Because, Mom said while she’s away…
    Madison: We know Sierra! We do this every year…
    Sierra: She asked the question!
    Gracie: Dad, it’s hot! And there’s bugs.
    Olivia: Daddy, you do know we hate being out here… right?
    Like clockwork
    Summertime comes and I wanna have fun
    Plus I’ve got someone on my mind
    But instead of the beach
    All I get are these tress
    ‘Cause my dad wants, “quality time”
    Ew! I’m not cut out for this
    It’s too hot and I think I smell (you do)
    Plus the bugs and the bears and the frizz in my hair
    Yall stop! I just chipped a nail!
    Oh Daddy oh Daddy
    We should talk this through, Daddy
    We could all hang out
    But separately in our own rooms, can we?
    Oh Daddy oh Daddy
    We should talk this through daddy
    We could take a vote
    And settle what we wanna do… can we?!
    Hey! We should just call it a day
    We’re not cut out for this anyway
    I mean, maybe we could try this again
    But if we don’t then that’s ok
    We should just call it a day
    Ugh, man I’m out of breath
    You go on, I’ma stay and melt
    You guys stop she’s sick!
    Can we get you anything?
    Wi-Fi and a fan would help
    This way to the next stop on the map
    Next up we’ll go hike a trail
    We should buy an RV, we should camp next week
    Daddy please?! Maybe they’re on sale!
    Oh Daddy oh Daddy
    We should talk this through, Daddy
    We could all hang out
    But separately in our own rooms, can we?
    Oh Daddy oh Daddy
    We should talk this through daddy
    We could take a vote
    And settle what we wanna do… can we?!
    Hey! We should just call it a day
    We’re not cut out for this anyway
    I mean, maybe we could try this again
    But if we don’t then that’s ok
    We should just call it a day
    Madison: Dad, there’s something we need to talk to you about.
    We love spending time with you,
    But on a scale of 1-10… when it’s comes to camping
    All: WE HATE IT!
    Sierra: Can we please go back to civilization
    And enjoy quality time with air conditioning?
    Olivia: Come on guys. He’s just going to say no…
    Dad: Ummm… OK
    All: What!?!?
    Hey! We should just call it a day
    We’re not cut out for this anyway
    I mean, maybe we could try this again
    But if we don’t then that’s ok
    We should just call it a day
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