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    We prepared a lot of lifehacks for extreme situations and tons of survival tips such as how to remove a splinter, how to bear with migraine without pills, how to quickly cure insect bites. Pay your attention to medical lifehacks that are helping to ease the pain, get rid of bruises more quickly, cure minor burns and cuts.
    Don’t know how to remove a splinter? Try our lifehack and remove the splinter in seconds using our lifehack - take a glass and put inside burning match after that cover the splinter with glass. Suffer from a migraine? Pour water into the bowl and put ice cubes. After that put your hands inside for a couple of minutes. There is an easy way to get rid of mosquitos at home is to use lemon and cloves. Toothache is a real disaster! Try our recipe: mix salt, water, and pepper for a toothache. If the pain continues you will need to see a doctor.
    If you love spending time in the countryside, but you need to know some useful tricks to make your holidays as comfortable as possible. You will learn how to make a water filter in the wilderness. Take a plastic bottle, cut the half and cover the top with a piece of cloth. After that place, the top of the bottle on the high glass and put the following layers into the bottle: charcoal, sand, stones, sandstones. If you need to cure bruises quickly, use apple cider. Use the banana peel to cure insect bites. If you have found a tick on your body, don’t remove it straight away. Learn the next instruction: cover the area of the bite with vegetable oil, make a loop out of some thread, and draw it around the head and the body of the tick. Slowly pull the thread upwards and remove the tick.
    00:09 Medical lifehacks you need to know
    00:57 Use apple cider vinegar to cure bruises
    04:58 Use a match to remove a splinter
    09:46 Clogged ear?
    11:17 Get rid of mosquitos
    24:46 First aid in the wild

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