8 DIY Edible Phone Cases / Edible Pranks!

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    7 DIY Giant Candy vs Miniature Candy / Funny Pranks!: grclip.com/video/33eoaefxl6k/βίντεο.html?list=plw_msrc8v85ddbha0b_b7qbbbhvi_mf-p
    Do you also think that licking the phone in the middle of the street is a sign of dementia? Nothing of the kind! You just haven't seen the new Troom Troom video, how to make yummy phone cases!
    Supplies and tools:
    • Sugar paste
    • Starch
    • Gloves
    • Food colorings
    • Cup
    • Utility knife
    • Scissors
    • Cardboard template of an ice cream cone
    • Cookie stamp
    • Modeling tool
    • Water
    • Sprinkles
    • Caramel candies
    • Semi sphere shaped mold
    • Cocktail straw
    • Bamboo skewers
    • Printed Chupa Chups label
    • Tape
    • Plastic bottle toy
    • Brown acrylic paint
    • Spray lacquer
    • Coca Cola label
    • Plastic
    • Pen
    • Ziploc
    • Coca Cola
    • Hot glue gun
    • Plastic phone case
    • Palm shaped embellishments
    • Plastic wrap
    • Salt
    • Flour
    • Vegetable oil
    • Pizza dough
    • Parchment paper
    • Tomato sauce
    • Cheese
    • Grater
    • Sausages
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Edible glue
    • Gummy bears
    • Chocolate mold
    • Jelly frog
    • Gelatin
    • Long gummy candies
    • Brush
    • Ribbon
    • Strawberry
    • Colored chocolate
    • Colored chocolate brick candies
    Tobu - Damn Son by Tobu is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Unported License.
    Source: soundcloud.com/7obu/damn-son
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