12 Weird Ways To Sneak Makeup Into Class / Back To School Pranks

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    Define your lips with a stapler? Fix your skin tone with a blackboard eraser? Or draw on your eyebrows with glue? Everything is possible in our school! Watch how to sneak a lipstick in a ruler into class and a lot more in our new video!
    Supplies and tools:
    • General purpose templates
    • Glue
    • Clear plastic
    • Marker
    • Scissors
    • Lipsticks
    • Grape seed oil
    • Empty paper clip box
    • Hot glue gun
    • False eyelashes
    • Empty glue stick tube
    • Eyebrow gel
    • Utility knife
    • Empty stationery glue container
    • Mascara
    • White paint
    • Flat pliers
    • Cutting pliers
    • Old palette with mirror
    • Ruler
    • Nail file
    • Scissors
    • Empty glue tube
    • Pen shaped vial of perfume
    • Stapler
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Lip liner
    • Lip brush
    • Fatty cream
    • Sandpaper
    • Eraser
    • Lipstick sample
    • Empty paint tube
    • Velcro
    • Round eye shadow
    • Compass
    • Blackboard sponge
    • Blush
    • Blush brush
    • Protractor
    • Tape
    • Concealers
    • Hair dryer
    • Q-tips
    • Metallic pencil case
    • Mirror
    • Powder compact
    • Makeup sponge
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    Source: soundcloud.com/7obu/roots
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