Why Don't We - What Am I [Official Video]

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  • Why Don't We - What Am I [Official Music Video]
    “What Am I” out now: wdw.lnk.to/WhatAmIyt
    Daniel Seavey
    Jonah Marais
    Corbyn Besson
    Zach Herron
    Jack Avery
    Atlantic Records

    I met her on a Monday evening,
    She was standing outside of the park and ride,
    And I said “hey ma where you been,
    been looking for woman like you for all my life”
    And she said “hola talk to me, before I have to leave,
    and one-day we could be maybe more than two lost souls just passing by”
    Knew I was falling when I looked inside your eyes,
    And she said “I know you are but what am I”
    Tell me have you seen a sunset,
    Turn into a sunrise,
    Kiss right through the night,
    ‘Cause we should try that sometime,
    Hold you ’til the morning,
    And if I said I’m falling,
    Would you just reply,
    “I know you are but what am I”
    Open the door to my apartment when we get in,
    Kissing on my neck and throw my jacket to the side,
    I know your heart is beating quick,
    And if you put your head on my chest hear the same in mine yea,
    And we’ll be making love,
    Until the sun comes up,
    But one-day maybe I, I could put a ring on your finger before you change your mind yea,
    Tell me have you seen a sunset,
    Turn into a sunrise,
    Kiss right through the night,
    ‘Cause we should try that sometime,
    Hold you ’til the morning,
    And if I said I’m falling,
    Would you just reply,
    “I know you are but what am I”
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  • Why Don't We
    Why Don't We  Πριν 2 μήνες +21267

    we’re so damn excited to share this song with you guys… believe us when we say this one hits different. #WHATAMIOUTNOW wdw.lnk.to/WhatAmIyt

    • Golden Rose
      Golden Rose Πριν μήνα

      Love you guys and Daniel love you soooooo much

    • tea.
      tea. Πριν μήνα

      yup 🥺💙🦋

    • Christopher 1995
      Christopher 1995 Πριν μήνα +2

      Why Don't We ,I think it really turned out great and I love ur video s, I'm from NJ n was wondering if you could help me get back on my feet, I suffer from failed back surgery and nerve damage and arthritis i lost everything I had from helping someone n it's been so hard trying to get another place to live again if you can help me please god bless

    • Madi Seavey
      Madi Seavey Πριν 2 μήνες +1

      it really does hit different.. i cried so much because #1 it's freaking amazing and your voices are angelic and #2 its so relateable!! i'm so proud of you guys and i love you more than you could ever know ❤💕💚

    • Kolby Arnold
      Kolby Arnold Πριν 2 μήνες

      Why Don't We ahhhhhh I’m so exited!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Hermonies Jia Jie Wong
    Hermonies Jia Jie Wong Πριν ώρα

    This song seem a little bit likely to Mean from Taylor Swift

  • Gummi Bear
    Gummi Bear Πριν 2 ώρες

    This is just amazing💖😍😢

  • Yusuf Khan
    Yusuf Khan Πριν 2 ώρες

    I love your songs

  • Dean Mega
    Dean Mega Πριν 4 ώρες

    this song makes me and my boyfriend decided to do lil holiday in town but now we broke up and it hurts whenever i listen to this song tho this was my fav song

  • Nerd fan- Kpop and Anime
    Nerd fan- Kpop and Anime Πριν 6 ώρες

    Boy zack is sooo cute

  • hello there
    hello there Πριν 6 ώρες +1

    man this sucks a copy of 1D man i hate this artist

  • joe
    joe Πριν 7 ώρες +1

    ok so i haven’t seen wdw in a while cos i’ve gotten caught up in other fandoms and the stress of life but it’s been just under a year and it nearly brought me to tears how much they’ve grown and changed

  • Lewis 0234
    Lewis 0234 Πριν 9 ώρες

    Where are their parents... this like summer camp just without adults and everyone’s good looking. Who can relate to any of this. Nobody does this.

  • Felipe
    Felipe Πριν 11 ώρες

    fricc thins anit flamgo

  • Evelyn Okamoto
    Evelyn Okamoto Πριν 11 ώρες

    this song is basically all Daniel and Jonah....

  • Evelyn Okamoto
    Evelyn Okamoto Πριν 11 ώρες +1

    Why would anyone dislike this song?

  • Lina Baby
    Lina Baby Πριν 11 ώρες


  • Nerd fan- Kpop and Anime
    Nerd fan- Kpop and Anime Πριν 12 ώρες +1

    oh my gosh Corbyns voice is so amazing

  • Cheyenne Demento
    Cheyenne Demento Πριν 12 ώρες +1

    I love this song so much whenever it's on the radio I cry 😅 and my mom laughs at me

  • Sagittarius
    Sagittarius Πριν 12 ώρες +1

    How are they so attractive wtf

  • jas marie
    jas marie Πριν 14 ώρες

    y’all be like “one direction was better” but why don’t we has NEVER matched pink pants with pink polo shirts and they can stand by that.

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester Πριν 15 ώρες

    Wow a band that sounds exactly like every other new age band. Crazy!

  • kolton bernhardt
    kolton bernhardt Πριν 15 ώρες

    The chorus sounds like impossible by shontelle

  • Nadya Sallsa
    Nadya Sallsa Πριν 15 ώρες


  • Ariana Benolirao
    Ariana Benolirao Πριν 15 ώρες +1

    Who loves them so much 😍🥰😘??!!!

  • Jaydin Fiser
    Jaydin Fiser Πριν 15 ώρες +2

    has any other limelights notice that the Baby of the group gets most (BUT NOT ALL) of the sexual parts (lmaooo) i still love you tho

  • maria jose cutuli
    maria jose cutuli Πριν 16 ώρες

    is beautiful this song

  • tokio
    tokio Πριν 19 ώρες +1

    i was just not having a good day and I was feeling really sad and I swear the first thing that came in my mind was why don't we

  • Sandra Fegan
    Sandra Fegan Πριν 22 ώρες

    I love it😘😘😍😍

  • Brianna Davis
    Brianna Davis Πριν 22 ώρες

    i love ur music

  • Brianna Davis
    Brianna Davis Πριν 22 ώρες

    i love ur singer

  • Brianna Davis
    Brianna Davis Πριν 22 ώρες

    i love i bands i like ur music

  • Avelyn Crews
    Avelyn Crews Πριν 23 ώρες

    "What am I " (not true but) gay ;-;

  • Zineja Barker
    Zineja Barker Πριν ημέρα

    Which member do you like better

  • Anoushka Chakraborty
    Anoushka Chakraborty Πριν ημέρα +3

    who else kept watching this song so it hit 10mil
    keep watching this song we have to help them reach 50 mil

  • Love Jtaime amor
    Love Jtaime amor Πριν ημέρα

    Are the brothers

  • intojra
    intojra Πριν ημέρα

    thank god i was there before 200k views

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki Πριν ημέρα +1

    You thought I cried when i heard it? No...I CRIED JUST SEEING THE TITLE❤❤

  • Richard Sunarto
    Richard Sunarto Πριν ημέρα +1

    This song is exellent
    Always love why dont we😍😍

  • Jan Marie Castro
    Jan Marie Castro Πριν ημέρα +1

    We are waiting for 10/12

  • Ayden Melatti
    Ayden Melatti Πριν ημέρα +1

    Lyrics are so good

  • Felicity Molina
    Felicity Molina Πριν ημέρα

    Is it just me but Directioners where the hell are you all! I see these boys as like a MINI 1D!
    Btw, they're great

  • megan byrne
    megan byrne Πριν ημέρα

    Ok. How does anybody really believe these guys are genuine songwriters who naturally banded together

  • Nastia Jacobs
    Nastia Jacobs Πριν ημέρα +1

    It Hit 10 Million Views!!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉

  • Aisha
    Aisha Πριν ημέρα +2

    This really does give me Ed Sheeran vibes, which explains a lot since he wrote it. Love it!

  • Jer Tran
    Jer Tran Πριν ημέρα +1

    This song is so so so so so good and catchy. I don't know how to describe how good it is. I hopped on an Uber and I only listened to the last part of the song and I felt the vibe of this song. LOVE IT!!!!

  • jeff mishal
    jeff mishal Πριν ημέρα

    Big shits

  • jeff mishal
    jeff mishal Πριν ημέρα

    Big sucker

  • Hello
    Hello Πριν ημέρα +1

    Oh my gosh they are good I just found them and love them already

  • Best Girl
    Best Girl Πριν ημέρα

    This song video is almost like what makes u beautiful

  • Disaya McKay
    Disaya McKay Πριν ημέρα +1

    one direction and 5sos don’t want y’all

  • Carl Euegene
    Carl Euegene Πριν ημέρα

    Same old song! If you’ve heard one you’ve heard them all!

  • New York
    New York Πριν ημέρα

    The words for the song are not bad.

  • Eryn Poulin
    Eryn Poulin Πριν ημέρα

    Does NO ONE notice Corbyn cuddling a snake @0:05???

  • Talitha Taruvona
    Talitha Taruvona Πριν ημέρα +1

    10 million views!!! 😁😁😭❤❤

  • RobloxInferno FromYT
    RobloxInferno FromYT Πριν ημέρα

    cant wait anymore

  • RobloxInferno FromYT
    RobloxInferno FromYT Πριν ημέρα +1


  • Marie Martin
    Marie Martin Πριν ημέρα

    The next generation of 5 Direction

  • Kristína K
    Kristína K Πριν ημέρα +2

    Who in their right mind gives a dislike!?!

  • Briana Paige
    Briana Paige Πριν ημέρα +3

    it came on the radio last night and i starting crying my eyes out! i love these boys sm

  • Varsha Mohan
    Varsha Mohan Πριν ημέρα +1

    I have a crush on jonah 💚💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Aulia Rahmadini
    Aulia Rahmadini Πριν ημέρα +3

    10 million OMG

  • Janmar Plo
    Janmar Plo Πριν ημέρα

    Cool nummer uehehehrhehgfjcifijd

  • Harvey Nicholson
    Harvey Nicholson Πριν ημέρα

    So gay