RED Hydrogen One Unboxing! (Houdini Edition)

  • Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 31 Αύγ 2018
  • Your exclusive first look at RED's Hydrogen One Houdini Edition.
    First Unveil/Impressions:βίντεο.html
    MKBHD Merch:
    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:
    Intro Track: Choo Choo by Alltta
    Phone provided by RED for video.
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  • Masego Lephodisa
    Masego Lephodisa Πριν 2 μήνες +1

    Where can I get it is it a good smartphone

  • Qasim Ali Tarar Technical Channel
    Qasim Ali Tarar Technical Channel Πριν 2 μήνες

    *I liked and subscribed your channel buddy. Awesome video dude. I love this phone.*

  • jpmusic jpmusic
    jpmusic jpmusic Πριν 3 μήνες

    Can you read sbs video on GRclip with the red one hydrogen ?

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams Πριν 4 μήνες

    what were they smoking when they made that??

  • Otoniel Cardona Arango
    Otoniel Cardona Arango Πριν 5 μήνες

    That forehead and chin is so big and ugly

  • Shay W
    Shay W Πριν 7 μήνες

    They want $1500 for this 😂😂😂😂 I’ll keep my iPhone

  • Nikita Basok
    Nikita Basok Πριν 7 μήνες +1

    Такой неприятный чувак🙄

  • Erik Smith
    Erik Smith Πριν 7 μήνες

    i'm glad you mentioned the bandage lol - I was staring at it like "what happened to your finger, man?" ahaha. hope it has long since healed

  • Palatcher
    Palatcher Πριν 8 μήνες

    Где голография? очередной наёб.

  • руслан юрьянов
    руслан юрьянов Πριν 8 μήνες

    интересно сколько стоит?


    Why this phone are at less price

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel Πριν 9 μήνες

    This is the deevel sixteen of phones

  • Bro Bless
    Bro Bless Πριν 9 μήνες

    Damn that’s dumb

  • moviemagic
    moviemagic Πριν 9 μήνες

    Rather buy the Nokia 1020. Even though it’s a 4 year old phone model.

  • Elmo
    Elmo Πριν 9 μήνες

    mobile phone from camera manufacturer *doesn't have dedicated camera button* :D

  • Amar Mitra
    Amar Mitra Πριν 10 μήνες

    I came back here just to say : Red RED Hydrogen One, Product (RED)

  • Android Game Reviewer
    Android Game Reviewer Πριν 10 μήνες

    Cool. It does't have notch.

  • hideouse blob
    hideouse blob Πριν 10 μήνες

    The reason I got my hydrogen is red is not going to allow this thing to flop plus I really hate the planned obsolescence game that hits most phones ,I'm tired of buying phones and then a year later it obviously has been programmed to start failing on me and given that red is going to use this as a monitor for their cameras I don't see that happening

  • Steve Roe
    Steve Roe Πριν 10 μήνες

    Under my rock I have never heard of RED

  • glues4wood
    glues4wood Πριν 10 μήνες

    Aren't the pins for add-ons, I read they where going to be making modules for it

  • Helioscope Pictures LLC
    Helioscope Pictures LLC Πριν 10 μήνες

    I want to see dailies and stills manipulated in post.

  • James Baroi
    James Baroi Πριν 10 μήνες

    there is nothing special.

  • Ultramax graphics games
    Ultramax graphics games Πριν 10 μήνες

    Bro it is have 16 GB ram and 1TB internal storage ?????

  • Mohammed Arimiyao
    Mohammed Arimiyao Πριν 10 μήνες

    I hope the display does not hurt the eye like Nintendo 3DS

  • mugensamurai
    mugensamurai Πριν 10 μήνες +1

    It's a morpher power coin.

  • PSE_HunterOutdoorz
    PSE_HunterOutdoorz Πριν 10 μήνες

    How can people be so wowed by the freaking box! What a waste!

    VENOMVETTE Πριν 10 μήνες

    Can imagine if the attachment camera is as good as they say it will be. Would be a great phone for people starting out in you tube

  • Bearded Traveler
    Bearded Traveler Πριν 10 μήνες

    Setup in true Oakley Fashion

  • Terry
    Terry Πριν 10 μήνες

    Sure does look more like a tool than a novelty...

  • mystyle200
    mystyle200 Πριν 10 μήνες

    If someone threw you this phone youll definitely die its a very chunky phone

  • Edward SB
    Edward SB Πριν 10 μήνες

    Should have been a 1” inch sensor with a Leica f .95 micro notctilux lense.......

  • Andrew Doolittle
    Andrew Doolittle Πριν 10 μήνες

    I want Star Wars 1977 and an actual hologram.

  • Hockeyfan20
    Hockeyfan20 Πριν 10 μήνες

    The audience is limited and the price will keep the audience limited.

  • MΛS
    MΛS Πριν 10 μήνες

    Looks outdated, is overhyped.

  • Xenomorph
    Xenomorph Πριν 10 μήνες

    That's one ugly phone.

  • Alex
    Alex Πριν 10 μήνες

    It's hard when you get all your red cameras etc for free and have to try and be impartial and 'real'. The phone sucks

  • Bogdan Toma
    Bogdan Toma Πριν 10 μήνες

    Finally a phone that isn't a god damn wallpaper wannabe. A phone with a design, quite knterestimg design and futuristic...i am sick and tired of the shit from iphones and the rest trying to mimic that annoying clean, ultra clean, uktra ultra clean everything. I am byunngmamgadget for christ's sake, not a f-ing china vase that will break in second one i misplace it.

  • Lucien Hughes
    Lucien Hughes Πριν 10 μήνες

    2:30 "Tumning your phone on and off" They clearly put a lot of effort into the quick start guide

  • Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh Πριν 10 μήνες

    they should work on affordable 4k Cinema camera .

  • Joseph Bezuidenhout
    Joseph Bezuidenhout Πριν 10 μήνες

    Looks like a pricier Moto Z to me....

  • Flam3Sm0k3
    Flam3Sm0k3 Πριν 10 μήνες

    Hope your finger heals soon! I wish this phone more closely resembled Red footage, mainly its color science...

  • Smash Biker
    Smash Biker Πριν 10 μήνες

    Fucking nasty nigga

  • Mr. Pro
    Mr. Pro Πριν 10 μήνες

    Why does he act so white

  • chia pet
    chia pet Πριν 10 μήνες

    such an ugly phone.

  • Ziegeri
    Ziegeri Πριν 10 μήνες

    Holographic... Did i travel back in time or something!? It is not 2008 right?

  • Niximations
    Niximations Πριν 10 μήνες

    I like seeing a different style phone. The camera style makes me think of older cameras and I think it's cool. Makes me think of the super 8 movie

  • Axel Edwards
    Axel Edwards Πριν 10 μήνες

    I’m surprised it came with a brick and a cable, that’s a lot for red.

  • Fahad Vakarian
    Fahad Vakarian Πριν 10 μήνες

    That'd be a massive hit in 1987

  • Name Name
    Name Name Πριν 10 μήνες

    Those ridges are so ugly

  • Allan Nielsen
    Allan Nielsen Πριν 10 μήνες +1

    It's an awful phone. Simple as that.

  • AbeSquared
    AbeSquared Πριν 10 μήνες

    Red should of made a red sensor Moto mod if they are going to rip off the back pin set up

  • TGS Nemesis
    TGS Nemesis Πριν 10 μήνες

    Dude, can you please pronounce Houdini correctly.

  • Mathieu Constant
    Mathieu Constant Πριν 10 μήνες

    It's like a Microwave company making TVs

  • Anorkhil
    Anorkhil Πριν 10 μήνες

    you hyped the shit out of this phone, also last year and now everybody hates the " fake 3d " that hurts their eyes and so on. . . sup?

  • Sergio Coelho
    Sergio Coelho Πριν 10 μήνες

    Que celular feio da porra véi!

  • Michael W
    Michael W Πριν 10 μήνες


  • ruds delosreyes
    ruds delosreyes Πριν 10 μήνες

    hahaha fail! so much hype for garbage

  • Jus Badd
    Jus Badd Πριν 10 μήνες

    That phone is SO SHIT why would you put out SHIT, camera is shit,

  • 5argeTech /\
    5argeTech /\ Πριν 10 μήνες +1

    It does not have a "RED SENSOR"......... FAIL!

  • Akmal Nimaladasa
    Akmal Nimaladasa Πριν 10 μήνες

    Quality of video production ='( =') so good