2J feat. Tus - Nunna Dat (Official Music Video)

  • Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 28 Σεπ 2019
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    • iTunes: apple.co/2lReXtc
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    • Written by 2J & Tus. • Produced by Mixtape Seoul • Mixed by 2J • Mastered by Theo Karagianni
    • Video director: Ivan Knezevic for Red Storm Films • Production Manager: Alexander Papacosta
    • Special thanks to Ojo Sunglasses.
    • Special thanks to Doody.
    ► Tus:
    • GRclip: goo.gl/RmSoKI
    • Instagram: tusyourdaddy
    • Facebook: tus.h.tusis
    • Snapchat: tusyourdaddy
    ► 2J:
    • Instagram: official2j
    • Twitter: GeorgeIoannou2J
    • Facebook: GeorgeIoannou2J
    Let me talk about me 'cause all you say is who you are /
    showing off your money and chains in a rented new car /
    yes I understand that today that is where the views are /
    but you suck, take me back to Busta singing Woo-Ha! /
    What are you trying to do? make us jealous? hardly /
    keep on talking 'bout your καδένες and your Ferrari /
    grown men looking like b**ches, like they were Cardi /
    Barbie looking mother f**kers think they're Ali! /
    Grow up and act your age /
    we're laughing at you when you pull up in the Range /
    your fans are as stupid as you, it's such a shame /
    you got the name and the fame but no brains /
    so now i'm biting back like the piranhas /
    f**k all of you and your trap music and your dramas /
    talking 'bout αρχοντικά when you're still at your mamas /
    im'a keep it real μ***κα γεια μας!
    We don't wanna hear none of that (Nunna Dat) x4
    F**ktards acting like a diva /
    listen to me, no one gives a f**k if you're a dealer /
    talking 'bout somebody's girl, saying that you'll steal her /
    do I care about your Beemer or your demeanour? Neither! /
    Bragging 'cause you got low self esteem, b**ch /
    insecure, so you tell everyone you're extreme, b**ch /
    you need to wake up because you're living in a dream, b**ch /
    how does it feel to know your fans are all naive? B**ch /
    yeah i'm pissed off cause you don't know what I mean /
    in your late 30s, talking 'bout your cream /
    dabbing like a d**khead, flexing like a teen /
    the smartest people in the world think that you're a meme /
    and I got money too but don't need to show it to you /
    I don't need to show it to anybody who ain't in my crew /
    and you can say it ain't my business, i'm jealous of your richness /
    I just want you to know that what you have is like a sickness, witness..
    Eyy δείτε με, έχω αυτοκινητό /
    Gucci κάλτσες και ρολόι ακριβό /
    όλοι με φωνάζουν όπου και να πάω /
    δείτε με, είμαι σαν την γκόμενα που γ*μ*ω!
    Το κοινό τους είναι 4 με 2 /
    δεν τους ξέρει η μάνα τους γιατί είναι 42 /
    μία φορά τους έκραξα, και άλλη μία, δύο /
    δεν ξαναπατάω έξω από νηπιαγωγείο! /
    Βγάζουνε τον μήνα 20.000 ευρώ /
    αφού παίζουν 20.000 live για ένα ευρώ /
    του χρόνου δεν θα υπάρχουνε bro /
    του χρόνου για να ζήσουν θα πουλήσουν τον νεφρό /
    Exoun chains bro, έχουν page bro, έχουν lanes bro /
    θα τους γ**ούσα αλλά φοβάμαι μήπως έχουν kαι aids bro /
    Δεν καταβαίνεις; Μα έτσι είν' το trap ρε bro..
    Ολοι τους, είναι ίδιοι όλοι τους, όλοι τους, όλοι τους /
    θέλουνε να είναι όλοι Tus /
    όλοι τους, μου λεν γελοιοποίησε τους, όλοι τους /
    μα αυτοί είναι γελοίοι από μόνοι τους!
    Grow up and act your age /
    we're laughing at you when you pull up in the Range /
    your fans are as stupid as you, it's such a shame /
    you got the name and the fame but no brains /
    so now i'm biting back like the piranhas /
    f**k all of you and your trap music and your dramas /
    talking 'bout αρχοντικά when you're still at your mamas /
    im'a keep it real μ***κα γεια μας!
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