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    It’s spring already and it’s time for something new in your wardrobe. It’s so easy to craft clothes with a few easy steps. It might sound difficult but you will need only basic sewing skills to create cool things. Watch our video and turn your old clothes into something really cool and trendy!
    Here are surprising ideas we are ready to share with you:
    - Learn how to turn your old pullover into leggings
    - Make a denim vest or a cute shopping bag out of old jeans
    - Find how to upgrade your old t-shirt
    - Here is a shocking idea- make a puff out of old jeans. Watch the tutorial in our video
    - Grab your scissors and cut old jeans to make a cool phone case or a cute bag
    - Check out no-sew project how to make denim baskets. They are good to hold your crafts supplies or cosmetics
    Check out insanely cool ideas on how to renew and fix your old clothes with the embroidery. Find out cool embroidery ideas for beginners that you can use to upgrade your clothes or personalize it. If you buy an embroidered item in the store, it may cost a lot but it’s not a problem anymore. You may cover a hole of some stain with embroidery just in five minutes. Learn how to make embroidery cat, bouquet and heart.
    We have more awesome ideas on how to renew your old clothes. Decorate your old t-shirt using bleach. If you love cats, we have an idea that you will totally love. Make a stylish t-shirt with cat print with the help of bleach. Also, you can make a print using crayons and hot glue gun sticks.
    Remember that all these projects require minimum effort and basic sewing skills.
    00:46 DIY leggings
    01:18 Stylish denim vest
    05:07 Ways to repurpose old jeans
    07:26 Denim bag
    11:12 Beautiful embroidery ideas
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    17:25 a cool idea for upcomming summer 😎
    More cloth hacks grclip.com/video/Uy3mokM8gr4/βίντεο.html

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    WTH the shorts for a shirt ? I guess the crotch smell is normal in your home .and they show you the needle and thread .but when you see the finished product it is done with a sewing machine..how can a 45 min thing be five mins .

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