Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins

  • Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 17 Σεπ 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm switching lives with the Dolan Twins and becoming Jeff Dolan! I wanted to give myself a huge challenge and try and live like someone who has a completely different life than me. Ethan and Grayson took me on a whole day of adventures and what they do on the daily... Buckle up and join me on this insane journey!
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  • Babylon Edith
    Babylon Edith Πριν ώρα

    Jeffree is 6’1
    Imagine the alien queen in *heals*

  • Czequina Glyne Dizo
    Czequina Glyne Dizo Πριν 2 ώρες

    Jeff was so close to reaching his dreams JEFF20-idk

  • Zenebatos
    Zenebatos Πριν 2 ώρες

    yooo considering jeffree hasn't had a proper masc workout in his life, this was effin impressive!!! I'm truly surprised! good job jeff!!!

  • OhNyappyDays
    OhNyappyDays Πριν 2 ώρες

    OIMAIGAAD. You look so ...normal. :D It's like Nates cousin or smth.

  • Louise Prior
    Louise Prior Πριν 5 ώρες

    Why does Jeffree look like Joyce Byers from stranger things. Hello Winona

  • usi tiw warsito
    usi tiw warsito Πριν 6 ώρες

    You so handsome

  • Eths V
    Eths V Πριν 8 ώρες

    Jeffree Star doing make up video, is like watching White Chicks every single day

  • dirty_paint
    dirty_paint Πριν 8 ώρες

    jeffree really doin more gym work in this video than i did in my entire school career

  • Christina DuBry
    Christina DuBry Πριν 9 ώρες

    Great job, Jeffree! Thank you for being so honest, receptive, and vulnerable in this video. I hope you can find more time for yourself and your health, because you deserve as much care as you put into your work.

  • Miguel Gurung
    Miguel Gurung Πριν 10 ώρες

    Johnny orlando who?

  • helpp me do the challenge 1k without videos

    Word of the dayy:


  • helpp me do the challenge 1k without videos

    Actually, jefree looks like ken :>💕

  • Miss BB
    Miss BB Πριν 13 ώρες

    Them are hot. 🍌

  • Paige Murray
    Paige Murray Πριν 13 ώρες

    Oh girrrl I FELT your cringe on the warm, sugar free Red Bull with no straw!!! I can't live without my SUGAR FILLED Red Bull & straw!

    • Paige Murray
      Paige Murray Πριν 13 ώρες

      Legit how can you be so goddamn gorgeous; no matter your look? UGHHH NOT FAIR!

  • ryan lee
    ryan lee Πριν 15 ώρες

    Tbh it was REALLY dumb on their part to try and make him do bench with that much weight at first.

  • Malik Spivey
    Malik Spivey Πριν 15 ώρες

    This playlist sis YASSS

  • Kim Greene
    Kim Greene Πριν 16 ώρες

    You are Awesome!

  • SaqTears
    SaqTears Πριν 16 ώρες

    I love jefree more than I love myself

  • Anichka
    Anichka Πριν 17 ώρες


  • meme M.J
    meme M.J Πριν 18 ώρες

    U look so hot ! Ao good to push ur self
    Proud of u 😘

  • Suzanne Deneau
    Suzanne Deneau Πριν 18 ώρες

    is it just me or did jeffree look like ruby rose!!!!

  • BigD Pineapple
    BigD Pineapple Πριν 18 ώρες

    You look so gooodd like if I saw you walking around how you were dressing I would definitely find you attractive. Now I'm not saying I hate your actual style I really love how you dress because it defines your personality but damm Jeffrey youre so attractive.

  • sophie Segui
    sophie Segui Πριν 18 ώρες

    Jeff Dolan looks good

  • Chloe Dixon
    Chloe Dixon Πριν 19 ώρες

    17:48 Jeffree acting like he knows what he is doing

  • Anda Nicoara
    Anda Nicoara Πριν 19 ώρες

    I didn't even notice the Dolan twins, I was that busy starring at Jeffree
    Damn he looks strange

  • Meg Steager
    Meg Steager Πριν 19 ώρες

    this video made my day I wish I could like it more than once

  • Kyle Maione
    Kyle Maione Πριν 19 ώρες

    Jeffery looks like ruby rose 😂

  • Sunel Molina
    Sunel Molina Πριν 19 ώρες

    this bitch has a pretty guy face too!

  • Pat M
    Pat M Πριν 20 ώρες

    Damn the twins are so ripped omg

  • mochi
    mochi Πριν 21 ώρα

    Jefree : 'you dont do Hermes?'
    *drops bag*

  • April Fiege
    April Fiege Πριν 22 ώρες

    "You want to pump some iron with us?" haha loved it!

  • Erica Riley
    Erica Riley Πριν 22 ώρες

    jeffree star working out is me. 😂

  • bavi Nathan
    bavi Nathan Πριν 22 ώρες +2

    Its crazy how jeffree is nearly 15 years older than the twins and he still looks like a youngin 💯💯

    MRS SARTORIUS Πριν 23 ώρες

    21:04 i swear i didn't look

  • Lucas Burton
    Lucas Burton Πριν ημέρα

    Low key jeffree looks like Anne Hathaway especially during that montage 😂

  • Kristin Almajed
    Kristin Almajed Πριν ημέρα

    You look like Kris Jenner 😆😆

  • M
    M Πριν ημέρα +1

    So entertaining to see such young people conquer their lives!! Soooo proud. Jeffree is so boss!!

  • MN Th
    MN Th Πριν ημέρα

    He looks so handsome

  • Adrienne Gutana
    Adrienne Gutana Πριν ημέρα

    Jeffree is like a sexy Mr. Burns

  • Vannesa Soekandar
    Vannesa Soekandar Πριν ημέρα

    ngakak yalorddd

  • E Grffin
    E Grffin Πριν ημέρα

    Oh NO NO NO i cant watch Jeffree go on the skate board. I am afraid he might break an arm or leg.

  • Dominyka Pužauskaitė
    Dominyka Pužauskaitė Πριν ημέρα

    Am I the only one Who thinks that jeff looks like ruby rose :0

  • Gaby Van Atta
    Gaby Van Atta Πριν ημέρα

    You look like Andy biersack lmao

  • UwU
    UwU Πριν ημέρα

    Honestly in the beginning when he’s just wearing the wig and brows I really thought he looked like ruby rose.

  • Foroo Maja
    Foroo Maja Πριν ημέρα

    I want one of those brothers!

  • Sasha Carter
    Sasha Carter Πριν ημέρα +1

    Jeffery actually is a really hot guy, if he would've took off the nails he would've been perfect👌

  • Ashley Meranda
    Ashley Meranda Πριν ημέρα

    I was getting ruby rose vibes lol

  • Addy Rochester
    Addy Rochester Πριν ημέρα


  • Christiane Hopson
    Christiane Hopson Πριν ημέρα

    Jeffree as a brunette looks kind of like Sandra Bullock.

  • Rayyan Atif Vlogs
    Rayyan Atif Vlogs Πριν ημέρα

    Dolan twins are 19 and jeffree is 39 lol

  • Sydney Christina
    Sydney Christina Πριν ημέρα

    I love jeffree so much bro

  • Esmeralda .R
    Esmeralda .R Πριν ημέρα

    Jeffree : these noodles are already shaking

  • Cat Anderson
    Cat Anderson Πριν ημέρα

    Jeffree, you look like a really hot lesbian and I love it.

  • I am just me
    I am just me Πριν ημέρα

    Jeffree looks like Rachel maddow

  • Jamesss
    Jamesss Πριν ημέρα +1

    12:05 It sounded like Nate was ready for a foursome or something- I'm living for it lmao

    edit: Jeffree lowkey looks really fuckin hot- Can I just say that?

  • Aliyah Moreno
    Aliyah Moreno Πριν ημέρα

    He actually looks like Ruby Rose 😂😂❤️

  • Lowlife
    Lowlife Πριν ημέρα

    whys he lowkey fucking hot

  • Alexis Cuenca
    Alexis Cuenca Πριν ημέρα

    This is awesome!

  • Oh wow Kachow
    Oh wow Kachow Πριν ημέρα

    Me, watching the Dolan twins workout and talk about nutrition but not trying to start Fitness controversy under a beauty video: ummmmm,,,, sureeeeee,,,, m’kay

  • Nobody TheSecond
    Nobody TheSecond Πριν ημέρα

    His closet is my whole house. Like c'mon brooooo!!!!!