Craig Xen & XXXTENTACION - RUN IT BACK! (Official Video)

  • Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 30 Ιούλ 2019
  • From the album "Broken Kids Club". Out now!
    DIRECTOR JMP @ualreadyknowjmp
    PRODUCERS Cosmo Orlando & Jiorgi Miller
    1st ASSISTANT CAMERA Franklin Ricart
    GAFFER Dimitri Christoforidis
    KEY GRIP David Light
    AD Brett Ardnt
    EDITORS Brendan Stepp & JMP
    CAMERA GEAR Birns & Sawyer
    HOME Cathie Moreno
    CADILLAC Mike DeLeon
    SHOP RD Engineering
    SPECIAL THANKS Daniel Covarrubias, Cleo Onfroy & TankHead666
    Official Music Video by Craig Xen & XXXTENTACION - RUN IT BACK! © 2019 Cruel World / EMPIRE
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    CRAIG XEN Πριν μήνα +49251

    LETS GO! Excited to share this with yall

  • gaming with ink anime dragon slayer

    0:25 when yo momma catch you hupping in the car then whope you

  • Rhaast
    Rhaast Πριν 7 ώρες


  • zikel bines
    zikel bines Πριν 8 ώρες

    I lisen to this Avery day

  • razar8
    razar8 Πριν 9 ώρες

    Subscribe to mr_lklg do not forget the under score

  • GD Diggy
    GD Diggy Πριν 13 ώρες

    1:35 this is me

  • Meneer
    Meneer Πριν 14 ώρες

    I like the end of X when he's sayin follow me

  • Siera (The Chosen One)
    Siera (The Chosen One) Πριν 16 ώρες +2

    The best! ❤🌷❤🌷❤🌷

  • onklniko onklniko
    onklniko onklniko Πριν 16 ώρες

    Nigga this song is best rip x

  • Hanibelle HOUNHOUEDO
    Hanibelle HOUNHOUEDO Πριν 17 ώρες


  • w_jkxx w_jkxx
    w_jkxx w_jkxx Πριν ημέρα +1


  • Logan Lytle
    Logan Lytle Πριν ημέρα +1

    This a Savage ass video

  • Prakash Singh
    Prakash Singh Πριν ημέρα +1

    This voice or the tune of xxx ain't and can't be written or sang

  • Vegapunk
    Vegapunk Πριν ημέρα

    Bro when he said "black tits black cocks pussy in the bathroom" i felt that

  • Giovanni S.
    Giovanni S. Πριν ημέρα

    This wanna make tell my parents to ask me to use the restroom

  • Iyrical Estela
    Iyrical Estela Πριν ημέρα

    RIP X 🔥

  • IanKeith Is Back
    IanKeith Is Back Πριν 2 ημέρες

    This shit so underrated

  • Noc TADW
    Noc TADW Πριν 3 ημέρες


  • Nick Jaramillo
    Nick Jaramillo Πριν 3 ημέρες

    Why he bald

  • Darkside
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  • Janess B.
    Janess B. Πριν 3 ημέρες

    HOLD UP WAIT didn't x die last year on June 18(aka my sister's bday) I'm so confused

    • jose jaun
      jose jaun Πριν 2 ημέρες

      That is not X its someone else X already recorded his verse before his death

  • Lil Pump
    Lil Pump Πριν 3 ημέρες

    xxxtentacion finna be the Tupac of next yeat fr fr

  • Mario Torres
    Mario Torres Πριν 4 ημέρες

    I like how it’s in the 1998 and I saw a Nissan GT-R

  • JDI thegreat
    JDI thegreat Πριν 4 ημέρες

    I thought he was dead

    • jose jaun
      jose jaun Πριν 2 ημέρες

      He is its just that your dumb I swear each generation gets dumber and dumber

  • Blue bbackpack
    Blue bbackpack Πριν 4 ημέρες

    Yellow black

  • Jolly rancher
    Jolly rancher Πριν 4 ημέρες

    Rip xxxtentacions crew I have a question was x really killed by drake

    • jose jaun
      jose jaun Πριν 2 ημέρες +1

      Bruh drake has no business in Florida

    • troll god
      troll god Πριν 2 ημέρες +1

      Are you deadass you should know who killed him already

  • Hahshb Jsjjnd
    Hahshb Jsjjnd Πριν 4 ημέρες


  • Liojuzx
    Liojuzx Πριν 4 ημέρες +1

    1:55 Choko Chayn

    GLaDOS [REDACTED] Πριν 4 ημέρες

    XXXTentacion is alive because he has millions so he can bribe a hospital the police and a few men to fake his death
    And Also There is no DNA Evidence

    • Katie Cooper
      Katie Cooper Πριν 12 ώρες

      Shut up ass up, he's gone RIP XXXTENTACION

  • 37.5// 6
    37.5// 6 Πριν 5 ημέρες

    I waited 1 year for this song lmao

  • EduSTT
    EduSTT Πριν 5 ημέρες

    Like xxxtentacion

  • A12T
    A12T Πριν 6 ημέρες +1

    Damn imagine all the🔥🔥when u in heaven wit X listening to ALL his work he did up there

  • TRP Maurisfuneral
    TRP Maurisfuneral Πριν 6 ημέρες

    yall know where the mask from ?

  • kythekoolkid
    kythekoolkid Πριν 6 ημέρες


  • Seade93 KAKAROTO
    Seade93 KAKAROTO Πριν 6 ημέρες +2

    BR🇧🇷😎💪 XXXTENTACION .... imortal the best....

  • Fear My Clique
    Fear My Clique Πριν 6 ημέρες


  • catalina rubio
    catalina rubio Πριν 6 ημέρες

    gives me “off the wall” vibes 🥴😌

  • #1648
    #1648 Πριν 6 ημέρες +1

    *Русские есть?*

    Русский кавер трека:βίντεο.html

  • Nigga Cuz
    Nigga Cuz Πριν 7 ημέρες

    0:23 what are the name of those masks

  • Bentley Olvera
    Bentley Olvera Πριν 7 ημέρες


  • SadGundyr *
    SadGundyr * Πριν 7 ημέρες +1

    LLJ 🌹

  • Nicholas Romero
    Nicholas Romero Πριν 7 ημέρες

    That work

  • Anthony Barychko
    Anthony Barychko Πριν 7 ημέρες +1

    His music is trash everybody and if you disagree with me you trash to :)

  • FrEnZy Leaders
    FrEnZy Leaders Πριν 7 ημέρες

    Anybody just lookin at the live chat go wild

  • Spicy Yums
    Spicy Yums Πριν 7 ημέρες

    I played this in slow motion the Xxxtentacion isn’t even in the car

  • Daniel Kutri
    Daniel Kutri Πριν 7 ημέρες

  • lemonboid jw
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  • Sortedboy
    Sortedboy Πριν 7 ημέρες +1

    Like XXXTENTACTION Subscribe to me

  • Mohammed Jabbar
    Mohammed Jabbar Πριν 7 ημέρες

    Xxxtentacion fake his death he was wearing a mask

  • Goon
    Goon Πριν 8 ημέρες +2

    please don't cry or be sad X wouldn't like that, would he?
    he would like you to be happy he wouldn't want you to spend your whole life sobbing over him he would want you to have fun and explore the world with him in our hearts....

      KUKA AGUSTON EL PRO Πριν 8 ημέρες +1

      friend subscribe to my channel please god bless you

  • Morah
    Morah Πριν 8 ημέρες +3

    "Mom, why do the best people die?"

    "When you’re in a garden, which flowers do you pick?"

    "The most beautiful ones."


  • Xxdrip_kingxX
    Xxdrip_kingxX Πριν 8 ημέρες


    LABLADOR_XD Πριν 8 ημέρες

    Ляп 1:16 1:20

  • Endless Lists
    Endless Lists Πριν 8 ημέρες

    2:07 thats x lol

  • t y
    t y Πριν 8 ημέρες


  • Epic Turtle Plays
    Epic Turtle Plays Πριν 8 ημέρες

    Bad vibes forever

  • Prince Avenue
    Prince Avenue Πριν 8 ημέρες

    This shit dope

  • Sunay Vi
    Sunay Vi Πριν 8 ημέρες +1

    X rip

    Я ЛЮБЛЮ ДОШИК Πριν 9 ημέρες +1

    Он умер или нет?

  • come at me
    come at me Πριν 9 ημέρες

    best song yet