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    Being in a relationship is not an easy job but also it’s a great source of happiness. Relationships has more benefits like confidance, you have shared interests and love to spend time together, you have a person with whom you can share your secrets and who is ready to help you. Besides, relationships may cause funny and awkward moments because living together have a lot of surprises. You may think that all the humans have only slight differences but when you start living together you understand that boys and girls are from different planets. Check out a very funny compilation of differences between girls and boys. To tell the truth, there are huge differences like morning routine, the number of clothes, attitude to life, how we react to different situations. How many clothes usually boys have? Guys usually have two pairs of pants and several t-shirts. And what about girls? Girls usually spend at least an hour for beauty routine in the morning and boys only clean their teeth.
    Relationships tend to differ through time and we prepared a video with hilarious scenes that describe the difference between the first year of living together and forty years after. First-year is full of drama and! Scandals and jealousy! After years and years of hard work, everything changes. In the beginning of relationships you spend a lot of time going out. Few years later you will prefer to spend time at home watching your favorite show. Remember that even after years of marriage, you can be perfectly happy with your partner and still be attracted to others.
    00:09 Relationships: the first year and forty years later
    05:56 Living together: boys vs. girls
    06:26 Girls vs. boys: wardrobe
    10:02 Girls vs. boys: morning routine
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